Systematic Advancement and Sustainable Metals Production from Historic Mineral Waste Deposits

Transforming a stranded asset into a new industry

In the Past, Mining Was Inefficient and Tough

Man has mined for thousands of years because the world needed metals. 

It still does, now more than ever. Our modern culture is highly dependent on metals.

Historic Mining Processes Left A Lot of Metals Behind

Miners used crude extraction processes and left the post process materials in waste piles called Mine Tailings. There are thousands of Mine Tailings throughout North, Central and South America. Until now, Mine Tailings have been overlooked as a resource. 

The Waste Miners Left is Worth a Fortune Today

Mine Tailings are the most exciting, yet overlooked, resource opportunity in the Americas. Mine Tailings materials are already mined, crushed, above ground and frequently contain grades of metals higher than new mines. 

NMX: Mine Tailings Developer and Operator

We are a team of deeply experienced engineers who know how to systematically advance and  operate mine tailings recovery projects, manage risk and optimize returns. This is our passion and all we do.

Reprocessing Mine Waste for Cash Flow & High ROI

We have a pipeline of projects, a risk-controlled advancement process, development partners, capital access and the engineering and business know-how to create exceptional returns.

Sustainable Metals Production and Restoration of the Land

Reprocessing mine tailings is the most environmentally friendly way to produce the metals that support our economy. We also restore the land to near its natural condition, benefitting land owners and communities.

120 Years of Mining and Mine Waste Management Experience

Bill Cincilla, MS, PE

CEO and Director of Engineering. 30+ years leading advanced engineering of challenging metallurgical, physical and environmental projects.

Jon Myers, MBA

Chairman and Director of Business Strategy and Development. 25+ years as founder, director, chairman and CEO of successful materials and software companies.

Sergio Rivera, CE

Project Development and International Operations. 30+ years in mining management, construction, engineering, acquisitions, risk assessment and environmental management. 

Doug Charlton, PhD, PG

Prospect Development, Geosciences, Risk Management and Analytics. 30+ years in mineral exploration, mining, water resource and environmental management. 

NMX works with partners to accomplish our goals

Mine Tailings Owners

We are experts at assessing the potential for economic reprocessing of Mine Tailings. We work with owners in North, Central and South America.

Engineering Companies

Engineering is the backbone of Mine Tailings reprocessing. We work with best-in-class regional and global engineering firms.

Mine Operators

We operate projects today and we plan to work with best-in-class operators as partners on larger projects. 


We offer lenders superb, risk-controlled project financing opportunities on attractive terms. 


The lands on which Mine Tailings have been deposited are overseen by many  interests. We work with communities and regulators to execute a project with the highest professional standards.


A central motivating proposition for NMX is leveraging the returns available from Mine Tailings to return the land to its natural state, conferring a benefit to all who use and love the land.

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